Study groups

What are ASFG Study Groups?

A Search For God Groups are one of the most important aspects of local activities. They consist of small groups (2-12 people) that meet in a private home for two hours weekly to meditate and pray together, to study the A Search for God books, and to apply the spiritual principles presented there. These books were written and tested over a period of eleven years by the first SFG Study Group, of which Edgar Cayce was a member. They provide a balanced, supportive and safe approach to spiritual development and learning to love.

How can I get involved with a SFG Group?
Check to see whether there is a group in your area. You are invited to visit any of them, and are, of course, welcome to continue to meet with them on a weekly basis if you so choose. You do not have to be an A.R.E. Member to attend.

What if there’s no SFG Group nearby?
If there is no group close to you, you may want to start a group in your own home. Sponsoring a group is an exciting opportunity.

Is there a fee to participate in SFG Groups?
There is no charge for these meetings, though a donation may be collected.

Is there anything I should read before I participate in a SFG Group?
If you would like to prepare yourself further, you may want to read these books which provide a solid grounding in the Cayce readings:

  • There is a River by Thomas Sugrue
  • The Edgar Cayce Primer by Herbert Puryear
  • Many Mansions by Gina Cerminara
  • Meditation: Gateway to Light by Elsie Sechrist

Where can I get these books?
These books are in paperback and usually available for sale at Region events, from libraries, bookstores, or A.R.E. Headquarters online bookstore.

Interested? Find or start a group here.