November healing sessions with Malcolm Smith

For over 20 years Malcolm Smith’s incredible healing gifts have relieved pain, suffering and disease for thousands of people. Sometimes the healing he gives results in instant cures. More often several sessions over several weeks are required for results to manifest physically. He emphasizes that slow progress is the norm and spiritual healing should not replace orthodox medical treatment.


Many lives, one source. Peter Woodbury, MSW

During this fascinating day of self -exploration and personal enlightenment you will gain firsthand experience of accessing the deeper recesses of your mind and conscious-ness—the very realm in which past -life memories and your soul’s connection to the Di-vine exist.


PAST EVENT: Living the Legacy of the Edgar Cayce Readings with Sidney Kirkpatrick

Long before psychic mediums John Edward or Sylvia Browne there was a poor Kentucky farm boy named Edgar Cayce whose life-transforming concepts and amazing psychic readings made him the father of holistic medicine and the engine behind what became the New Age movement. It has not been until now, however—when Sidney D. Kirkpatrick, internationally acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet, was given full and unrestricted access to Edgar Cayce’s papers-that the real story of the “sleeping prophet” can be told. Learn what Edgar Cayce said about the role of women in the founding of the Christian Church, what he told Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla about the nature of electricity and anti-gravity, about why the stars and planets influence human behavior, why the soul of a newborn chooses its parents, and which Cayce-inspired beauty aids were used by influential people like Marilyn Monroe.